Frances & Mike

A few weeks ago, Linna and I invited Frances Lam, and Mike Kostiuk to model for a beach wedding. The easy bohemian theme was inspired by the concept of a loose, unstructured celebration of love. Working with Frances and Mike was an absolute treat, and personally as someone who loves the water, it was awesome to work on Woodbine Beach.

Frances was dressed in a vintage embroidered shift from Pretty Freedom, a vintage store in Kensington Market, which complimented Mike’s easy going linen shirt and open vest from a wonderful bespoke menswear store Green Shag. Linna also prepared clam shells for the ring and I DO cuff links from Green Shag. We brought a picture frame, made a wicker “I DO” sign. We wanted to create a delicate bouquet that would last as long as the photographs, so Linna created a custom one out of branches and paper.

Photography: us =D
Dress: Pretty Freedom, vintage store, and American Apparel
Menswear: Green Shag for vest, shirt, pants, and cufflinks
Styling and Makeup: Jen
Event Props and Design: Linna




Stephanie & Jonathan

Linna shot Stephanie and Jonathan in a park in Markham, Ontario. They were a ton of fun to shoot and the sweetest couple. Jonathan showed off his passion for music (he also plays the ukulele! hehe), and they share a collective love for Harry Potter, and Domo. We finished the shoot off by blowing bubbles. Jon would probably want to mention that he was the master here. A perfect way to end a summer afternoon.

Elena & Kenneth

Linna and Jennifer shot Elena and Kenneth, an engaged couple soon to be married in October. (Exciting!) We brought balloons, picture frames, flowers, and and bubbles for them to play with. They requested that we shoot photos of numbers for their tables. We wish them all the best!


Leona & Leon

Leona and Leon were an absolute delight to work with. Linna and Jen shot them at Lawrence Park uptown with Chris Zhu.

Here’s a short bio from Chris, in case you were wondering:

“As far as my photography goes, I strive for angles and scenes we don’t see everyday (at some serious limitations due to the lack of travelling) and beauties that we have missed in our everyday lives.”

We made strings of words that can be used for their invitations and thank you cards, customized bottle labels, and other accessories. Leon has an incredible sense of humor. “Ah, I know the office sponsors Western union point of this photo shoot. The bottles. Shall we take a swig, and maybe you can film us?” Hehe.