Something Blue – White Lace Dancing Shoes

I was looking for a pair of flats that were wearable for every day (not as a bride). You’d think it’s easy to find shoes that look good, don’t chaff, fit comfortably, doesn’t blow the budget, but my ongoing quest and amount of money wasted said otherwise. Until now.

I bought a pair of royal blue flats that were an absolute dream to walk in. They remind me of shoes from Puma I had years ago. Walkin on Air, an Etsy store, feature blue and purple colored shoes for the ‘Something Blue’ on your special day. These flats are made of soft fabric, covered in a velvet finish. They’re well made, and will last until your next craving for new shoes.

Business in the front:Party in the back:

Just thought to share if brides were looking for some comfy dancing shoes for the reception!



Linh and Shawn

Jen shot the engagement portraits of Linh and Shawn on a Saturday. It was an honor to peek into their lives for a short afternoon around Yonge and Finch. We took photos in their first home, as well as Shawn’s current job as a computer/math teacher at a boys private school. I hope we captured their lovely and techie spirit, and they had as much fun as I did.

Linna edited the photos beautifully, and she tied everything up for them in a lovely hand-painted package.

All the best to Linh and Shawn’s destination wedding in the Dominican Republic next year =) We sincerely wish you all the best!


Wedding Jewelry by Elsa Corsi

I went to a beautiful trunk show featuring Elsa Corsi’s bridal jewelry. It was like an event that kept on giving, and keep reading to see what I mean. With Elsa Corsi, it’s honestly like looking at crystal candy. It makes you feel luxury, and it slows us down in a time of fast fashion. The event was held at Valencienne by Kim Ironmonger, a talented gown designer (that also happens to the designer of for one of my co-workers summer weddings! What a small world.) with a last name as talented and badass as she is.

Elsa has great earrings of all different shapes and sizes to suit your dress, from the subtle to the bold:

Ah, this is one of my favorite necklaces, which makes quite a statement.

And brooches! They’re typically seen as old school, but they’re very versatile. They can be worn at the heart of the neckline, in the strap around the waist, or in the hair.

Oh gosh, and blue and cream pearl bracelets. I think this whole collection epitomizes “classic with a modern twist.”

The designer, Elsa, with her work!

It doesn’t end here folks!

Valencienne, Kim Ironmonger’s studio that hosted was stunning. It makes you dream.

And my personal favorite:

Dream closet much?

You know how I mentioned this event kept on giving? There were amazing treats from a few doors down courtesy of the Cake Opera Co. (sidenote: My friend and I went to get macarons there this weekend. Awesome! Their cupcakes were even better.) If there is one bakery to check out in Toronto, it’s to the Cake Opera Co. The beautiful displays and eye candy alone is worth it!

I would almost be a bit heart broken to eat these cakes – they look too good to blemish with a knife. It is truly to eat a work of art.


A Delicate Touch – Lace, pinks, and nudes board

Linna put together an inspiration board for a Delicate Touch to weddings. We love lace and nudes because it’s so classic, and here’s a fresh and interesting way to do it. (Some of these images we’ve been collecting from Pintrest and have unfortunately no link to the original source, so if you see something that belongs to you and would like a credit, please let us know and we’d be happy to link you!)

Accessories and makeup – off white colored accessories with unexpected patternsStarting from left to right clockwise: Lace cuff by Andra Blush, Lace shoes by Philip Treacy for Valentino, Flower by Olivia Kanaley (from A Field Journal), paper eyelashes by Paperself at the Temporium

Dresses - delicate tulle with structured bodiceStarting from left to right: unknown (found on Pintrest), unknown (found on Pintrest), Elizabeth Filmore

Hair - twisted updos with a smooth finish Starting from left to right clockwise: unknown (found on Pintrest), photo by Jessica Claire and Jill la Fleur, photo by Martha Stewart Weddings, unknown (found on Pintrest).

Table centrepieces – delicate flowers with small details

Starting from left to right clockwise: minimal easter eggs, coordinated by Talida Bakes, vintage doily vase

Young Summer Love in Kensington

Wow, this photo makes me crave summer like there’s no tomorrow. Linna and I were working with models Frances Lam, and Mark Hardeem for the shoot in Kensington Market! They were amazing to work with, and I think this is a much needed pick me up for starting work/life again following a relaxing Family Day weekend. I love photoshoots that involve food, so I’m quite thrilled to look back upon delicious sandwiches from the Grill Cheese and ice cream. We also loved meeting Derek Grasshopper at his record stand. So Linna prepared the props (kite and mustaches), and Jen was responsible for the makeup and styling. BIG HUGS to Mark and Frances for such a fun day =D

Moodboard: Romantic Black and White

Wedding season is coming up! Celebrations are wonderfully colorful, but there are ways to approach a basic, but striking color palette around two simple colors: black and white. I love the ease of it. <3.

Glamourous Vintage: Cream and Black

Starting from left to right clockwise: Photograph by Ashley Bee Photography from 100layercake,,,

Romantic Venue and Tables: Biscuit-toned and Black

Starting from left to right, clockwise:,,,

Pops of color: White and Black Stripes

Starting from left to right clockwise:,,,,

Happy planning! You can also check out the rest of the board here at Jen Xu’s Pinterest.

Flowers and Candles – The Wedding Co Show Part 2/2

I love an eclectic wedding with unexpected details, like feathers on a cake, or roses on the grooms bow tie. Check out this awesome set taken at the Wedding Co Show for an “artsy” wedding.

This line of floral accessories from Pomp and Ceremony for men would be a stunning pop of color.

From Pomp & Ceremony, accessories maker, Andrea Dixon from Toronto who also develops lines for BHLDN,

Below are a few trinkets from The Drake Hotel, a beautiful vintage-y venue. And see the cookies behind the figurines? Free samples. <3.

I can’t remember the vendor, but flowers and candles in trees? Yes, I say.

OMG, amazing hand painted tiered cake, by Nadia & Co, art and pastry maker 416-305-3323

Unexpected: feathers, stones, and branches on a cake, by the Cake Museum.

Crystals and Cake at The Wedding Co Show

I went to my first wedding show last weekend to help a friend plan a wedding, and to get a better picture of everything that was available in Toronto. Indeed, everything is available. There is no ceiling to your desires (which also assumes no ceiling on your budget). You can get a Twilight/Braveheart forest-type wedding indoors by renting candle-lit trees, or football-themed cupcakes for a bachelor’s party with the groom’s party, or slap gold foil on your 8 ft long dessert table for the Midas touch. You can have it in any venue that reflects your interest: golf courses, theatres, concert halls (like the Royal Conservatory of Music), art galleries (like the AGO), quirky-hipster Drake Hotel, or just general ballin’ like the Shangri La or Four Seasons Hotels. My impression of the theme was “zero limits.”

By the way, the vendors also feature also have amazing free samples. Like mini cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, macarons. In addition, there’s also live music that you can hire as entertainment. Seriously, this is greatest type of trade show ever.

Below are a few breath-taking vendors for, as the phrase goes, “Classic with a modern twist” look.

Beautiful, symmetrical earrings made of Swarovski crystals by talented Elsa Corsi.

Fantasy tiered cakes, and detailed dessert tables by Patricia’s Cake Creations

Four Seasons venue booth

who gave away delicious goodies:

The Wedding Co show also gave away their magazine, which had a ton of advice and content. My favorite was a mock wedding theme they presented different cake and invitations artists, and got their take on it. Seriously, check it out. Their makeup advice was simple, and wearable.

Overall, it was a great show. I’ll be showcasing a hipster-hippy themed set from the show next week.




Linna & Trung

Jen shot Linna and Trung on a lovely summer evening in Erindale Park, the location where Trung took Linna on one of their first dates, and swept her off her feet. Dreamy, and in love with everything lovely, Linna danced her way through life, lived in books and painted pictures with her camera. Trung and Linna also share a set of teddy bears, which naturally also accompanied them on this shoot.

2011 Blooper Reel

Linna and I love looking through the photo reel to pick out timeless and breathtaking moments. We also enjoy a well-deserved laugh from the funny moments, Western union fees and I wanted to share the cute, and spontaneous moments we captured.

“Honey, let’s look into the horizon together!” – Nickie and Aaron

“Tiff! (Nickie’s cousin!) My preccciiiious!”

“Becoming rabbits” – Kenneth and Elena

“You can’t bring me down!” – Jen and Jon

“Bubble trouble” – Jon and Steph


“The mosquitoes are coming! And why did you get the green apples, Trung?!” – Linna and Trung

“It’s getting in hot in here” – Frances and Mark

Frances taking a break to win goods from Rogers:

Bridal-Beach Gangsta:

and an action shot:

Thanks again for joining us on another weekly post. Hope your 2012 is off to a fantastic start!