Linna Xu Photography is a Toronto-based team featuring Linna, and Jen Xu. We’re glad you’re here on the website, leave a comment, and thanks for dropping by!

Linna is dedicated. Linna is pretty much an artiste/puppy lover with an awesome sense of humor. She specialized in graphic design (has received tons of awards (graduated at the top of her class from the York University/Sheridan College honours program in design, and is the recipient of several international design awards, including the Adobe Design Achievement Awards for packaging, and the Registered Graphic Designer’s Student Award for Typography. Her work has also received recognition from print and online publications such by Form Magazine, Gestalten, Sandu, ARRTCO Fanzine, The Dieline, Ffffound, Graphic Exchange, Affiliates in Perspective and NotCot. And practically on the verge of discovering how to turn sandwiches to diamonds. No biggie.) Since then she has worked in photography in connection with her graphic design work both at home in Canada and abroad in Germany and China. Her favorite thing, believe it or not, is getting away from her computer, meaning mostly turning to crafting and photographing on location.

 Jen is passionate. Jen has worked in graphic design for Free the Children under Me to We Style, and msn.ca in Toronto. She runs a blog on the hidden gems of Toronto. She is also an accoutant, so she can do your taxes, and take your photos.

Are Linna and Jen sisters?
No, but we’re good friends! We’ve worked together a lot in the past.

How much does an investment with Linna Xu Photography cost?
Check out our prices page or, contact us to get a custom tailored quote for what you need.

Do we get digital files?
You get digital files 4 – 6 weeks after the event so you have the option of posting it on Facebook, or printing them yourself.

Do you design stuff?
YES! We could love to design your invitations, thank you cards, e-vites, websites, guesbooks, posters, place cards, favor boxes, place holders, and anything else you need. We’re pretty crafty.

Do you do other types of photography?
Yup, we love photographing  jewelry, kids, babies, especially FOOD (love), or other events, products or locations, and pets. Just send us an email and we’d love to discuss it with you. More conceptual shoots are possible too.

What equipment do you shoot with?
Linna adores Nikon, and Jen rocks Canon.