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Wedding Jewelry by Elsa Corsi

I went to a beautiful trunk show featuring Elsa Corsi’s bridal jewelry. It was like an event that kept on giving, and keep reading to see what I mean. With Elsa Corsi, it’s honestly like looking at crystal candy. It makes you feel luxury, and it slows us down in a time of fast fashion. The event was held at Valencienne by Kim Ironmonger, a talented gown designer (that also happens to the designer of for one of my co-workers summer weddings! What a small world.) with a last name as talented and badass as she is.

Elsa has great earrings of all different shapes and sizes to suit your dress, from the subtle to the bold:

Ah, this is one of my favorite necklaces, which makes quite a statement.

And brooches! They’re typically seen as old school, but they’re very versatile. They can be worn at the heart of the neckline, in the strap around the waist, or in the hair.

Oh gosh, and blue and cream pearl bracelets. I think this whole collection epitomizes “classic with a modern twist.”

The designer, Elsa, with her work!

It doesn’t end here folks!

Valencienne, Kim Ironmonger’s studio that hosted was stunning. It makes you dream.

And my personal favorite:

Dream closet much?

You know how I mentioned this event kept on giving? There were amazing treats from a few doors down courtesy of the Cake Opera Co. (sidenote: My friend and I went to get macarons there this weekend. Awesome! Their cupcakes were even better.) If there is one bakery to check out in Toronto, it’s to the Cake Opera Co. The beautiful displays and eye candy alone is worth it!

I would almost be a bit heart broken to eat these cakes – they look too good to blemish with a knife. It is truly to eat a work of art.