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2011 Blooper Reel

Linna and I love looking through the photo reel to pick out timeless and breathtaking moments. We also enjoy a well-deserved laugh from the funny moments, Western union fees and I wanted to share the cute, and spontaneous moments we captured.

“Honey, let’s look into the horizon together!” – Nickie and Aaron

“Tiff! (Nickie’s cousin!) My preccciiiious!”

“Becoming rabbits” – Kenneth and Elena

“You can’t bring me down!” – Jen and Jon

“Bubble trouble” – Jon and Steph


“The mosquitoes are coming! And why did you get the green apples, Trung?!” – Linna and Trung

“It’s getting in hot in here” – Frances and Mark

Frances taking a break to win goods from Rogers:

Bridal-Beach Gangsta:

and an action shot:

Thanks again for joining us on another weekly post. Hope your 2012 is off to a fantastic start!