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Advice for Couples: How To Take Engagement Photos

Linna and I have taken engagement photos of a lot of couples, and I think it’s one of the coolest jobs in the world. I think there’s a romantic in all of us, and it really is an honour to help two people celebrate love and good times through photography. We’ve gotten a lot of questions+comments from couples like “What should we wear?” and “Help! I have no clue how to pose”. Fear not, we’ve compiled answers to some basic questions below.

What’s an engagement shoot?
A pre-wedding photoshoot with an awesome couple. Like this. Or this.

Do I need an engagement shoot?
It’s really up to you. In terms of sentimental value, it’s a Moneygram money transfer great way to commemorate a different aspect of a couple’s personality and relationship. The photos are useful for save-the-date invitations, website pictures, newspaper announcements, or wedding scrolls. It’s also a way to get to know your photographer before the wedding to get comfortable and familiar with each others pace, and preferences so the photographer can do an even better job delivering what the couple wants.

What do I wear for an engagement shoot?
So I know this is something I would definitely agonize over and use as an excuse to go shopping. (Yay!) But ultimately, you should dress in however you feel comfortable and awesome. There really are no rules! If the couple is fancy and like glitter and fur, do it. If you like matte black shift dresses and white dress shirts, do it! You want to look like the most awesome version of yourself =D

What else can we do to make sure the photos are great?
Linna and Jen love brainstorming ideas and creating props, so we will be asking for about your hobbies, preferences, coffee or tea, white shirt with black pants or grey pants. Feel free to let us know if you have any ideas you want to incorporate.

Where should I shoot?
You should select a location that has sentimental meaning for you or is just really lovely. Parks, cafes, forests, beaches, backyards, downtown streets, and train stations are all beautiful locations.

Do I need to practice posing?
Nope, Linna and I will guide you =)

What is really important to know?
The single most important thing to getting great photos out of an engagement shoot is the connection between you and your loved one. Nothing else matters more than being relaxed, having fun, and being open minded.Do I need to practice posing or anything?

How much is the fee?
We charge $250 for two hours with Linna and Jen. This includes full resolution digital prints.

What is the process like?
After contacting us, Linna and I will arrange to meet you in person to get to know each other a little better and figure out all the little details. This is a great way for us to figure out your unique personalities and quirks as a couple and also helps you to be more familiar with us before the actual shoot. And who can refuse coffee or food? Yum!